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Acceptance To Sobriety

Sober coaching

A sober coach is usually engaged to provide discreet, tailored support. This might be around alcoholism, drug addiction, or an eating disorder. The sober coach’s primary duty is to support their client and ensure that relapse is prevented. Sober coaching is immersive, confidential, convenient and bespoke. 

An engagement with a sober coach may be anything from a few hours a week of extra support and ‘glue’ to many months long. The coaching may all be in London, UK or Globally or it could involve travel abroad, discreet support at high-risk family functions or business conferences, or even be live-in.  It all depends on what the recovering person needs and wants.

Acceptance To Sobriety has a highly motivated team of trusted, experienced, insured, and professional coaches. All our recovery coaches are in long-term personal recovery.

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Sober Intervention

An intervention is the first step towards addiction recovery. It is particularly relevant for inducing willingness to change in your loved one who may be resistant to accepting help e.g. treatment, detox, rehab, etc.

Interventions have been successfully used by Sober Services since 2008 to confront and address serious personal problems, including alcoholism, compulsive gambling, drug addictions, substance abuse including prescription pill dependency, compulsive eating and other eating disorders, self-harm, OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and other behavioural health conditions.


A Sober Intervention is one of the most loving and compassionate things you can do for someone struggling with addiction, as it helps them to realise the damage they’re doing not just to themselves, but also to the people who love and support them. It is often the first time they realise that their behaviour is genuinely a problem and requires addressing to secure a permanent solution - recovery.

Sober Transportation

We can provide professional full-time Sober Companions and Body-Guides, trained to deliver clients pre, post and during treatment to their destinations, with the knowledge that their transportation is safe from harm or unwelcome temptations.

Whether you are a client in need, a parent, a business partner, or a caring professional, you can rest assured that your safe transportation needs will be met by one of our Sober Transporters.

A strong member of our team will collect and deliver a client to or from their home, place of business, treatment facility or previously arranged rendezvous.

How We Can Help

About Me

I am in recovery myself since 2001 and have maintained abstinence through the 12 steps from drug and alcohol use since then. My clean/sober date is 24/12/01. I am a highly resourceful, enthusiastic individual who possesses a considerable amount of experience in substance misuse, anger management, social care, dual diagnosis and supported housing industry, in all its 17 years. 
I have a certificate in personal centred counselling NVQ level 3 in health and social care (substance misuse), ASRO tutor (home office approved drug counsellor


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